What we do

More than just investing

We aim to provide you with a simple, enjoyable wealth management experience that gives you long lasting peace of mind and confidence about your financial position. Our advice is highly personal. It starts with investment consulting and extends to advanced planning and relationship management. We concern ourselves with protecting and enhancing your wealth so that you can feel extremely confident about your future.

Your family’s financial office

We pull together all the skills you need to run your financial life more simply and ultimately more cost effectively. We combine high level investment advice with taxation advice and provide the framework to manage relationships with your other advisers such as your accountants and legal counsel. We advise on estate planning, risk management, asset management, retirement planning and charitable giving.

We provide accurate information about your entire financial position and then offer unbiased advice that isn’t distorted by the need to sell any financial products. We charge a fee for our service and decline any commission.

Investment Consultancy

Your values and goals lie at the very heart of what we do and we spend time listening to what you want to achieve over which time horizons.

One of the first things we address is your investment plan. This is often where problems are most apparent and are relatively easy to fix. Most people fail to earn the rate of return provided by the capital markets in their portfolios, but all their planning is generally based on receiving at least this market rate of return. By implementing a rational investment plan, we can have much greater confidence in our planning going forward.

Our investment approach is simple. We believe your entire portfolio should be co-ordinated in one place. This makes it administratively less cumbersome. There is one regular cheque, one statement and significant cost savings to be made through less administration and fees eating away at your investments.

Advanced Planning

Once your investment plan is implemented and your portfolio under control, we take time to prepare a long term plan that takes into account:

  • Wealth enhancement by using strategies for maximising tax efficiencies
  • Wealth preservation to ensure there are no unnecessary charges being made.
  • Wealth transfer to look at the future distribution of current and protected assets for the maximum benefit of your chosen beneficiaries. This includes careful planning to mitigate the effect of estate taxes on your family.
  • Charitable giving. If it this is your intent, we can help identify the best strategies to maximize your opportunity to benefit society.

Relationship Management

We not only work closely with you, we work closely with any of your other expert advisers such as accountants, solicitors, attorneys, architects and anyone else to make sure all of your financial affairs are being managed in a sensible, cohesive way.

Specialist advice for Americans living in the UK

We are one of the few firms in the UK able to offer comprehensive wealth management and specialist tax advice to Americans living and working in the UK.

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