Stop administration costs eating away at your investments

Whatever the size of your portfolio, it is possible to have more control over your investments. It is all too easy for the administration of the portfolio to become unmanageable and the associated costs can eat away at your investments. You can keep better track of where your funds are and have more confidence in knowing exactly where the money is invested.

Mr and Mrs Williams were approaching retirement and, like many of our clients, wanted to ensure that their range of pensions and investments were aligned to meet their retirement goals.

A saving of £10,500 per year.

Following a review by us, Mr and Mrs Williams have a new investment portfolio that is significantly more tax efficient and they are now paying much less in ongoing investment charges.

The previous portfolio had management and administration charges amounting to nearly 3% per year. We reduced these costs to an average of 1.25% across the portfolio which included the cost of retaining our services for ongoing investment reviews. On a portfolio of £600,000 this represents a saving of approximately £10,500 per year.

Mr and Mrs Williams have not only achieved great savings, they have a much greater degree of transparency and control over their financial affairs.