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Editorial for “Expatriate’s Guide to Living in the UK”

The much talked about tax changes to non-domiciled individuals have had a rather turbulent path through the legislative process. Draft legislation was produced at the end of 2016 with a view to its introduction into law during 2017, but with an effective Read more ›


Satis Asset Management Certified for Investment Advisor Fiduciary Excellence. London based Satis Asset Management, is only the second investment advisory firm in the UK to be certified by CEFEX, the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence. They join an elite Read more ›

Global Diversification

Holding investments in many different countries broadens the potential opportunities available to you and can help to reduce the overall risk of your investments. Global diversification is an important consideration when we construct investment portfolios Read more ›

Cast in Iron?

The media occasionally locks in on a particular “hot” sector. In the late 1990s, it was technology. In the mid-2000s, it was mining. Writing headlines about fashionable sectors is one thing. Building investment strategies around them is another. A Read more ›

Your adviser’s role as your investment coach

It is always tempting to judge the value of your adviser on the recent performance of your investment portfolio. That is unfair as it fails to understand the true value that a good adviser delivers (leaving aside the valuable financial planning advice Read more ›

Portfolio valuations in perspective

Portfolio valuations in perspective Summary Today, many investors have online access to their portfolios and can obtain all sorts of information about them. In reality much of what they see is simply market noise. The danger is that they get distracted Read more ›

Eugene Famas Nobel Prize

You may have already noticed that on Monday 14 October, this year’s Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to three American economists; Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller, who have spent their academic lives looking at market pricing concepts Read more ›

Asset class insight: bonds

When you place a deposit with a bank, buy a gilt or a corporate bond, you are in effect lending your money to those with a need to borrow from you.  In return you expect to be paid interest on your loan and get your money back. This note is a primer Read more ›

Riding the Emerging Markets Tiger

Many investors fell for emerging markets in recent years when they delivered sizeable returns. More recently, the associated risk has reasserted itself and the infatuation has faded. What’s the right approach? A major theme in media commentary since Read more ›

The Art of Letting Go

In many areas of life, intense activity and constant monitoring of results represent the path to success. In investment, that approach gets turned on its head. The Chinese philosophy of Taoism has a word for it: “Wuwei”. It literally means Read more ›