Being simple is not being stupid when it comes to your investments

We believe in less paperwork and less confusion over what you need to keep, file, bin or record. There are better ways to structure your portfolio to make it ‘less administratively cumbersome’.

Mr Hughes set up and investment portfolio five years ago that over the years had resulted in a lot of ongoing paperwork and confusing statements that he received quite regularly for his various investment holdings. Also with the investment world constantly on the move, a portfolio set up five years ago may not be the best structure for today. Mr Hughes was keen to find out whether his portfolio was still going to give him what he wanted.

The power of one: simplification

Mr Hughes’s whole portfolio is now dealt with in one place. Mr Hughes now:

  • Saves tax
  • Gets one regular cheque from the whole portfolio
  • Receives one six monthly statement of all tax, dividends and income from the administrator
  • Has quarterly investment reviews with us
  • Can have web access to this information if he chooses to.