Be an informed investor

Our goal is to help you see through the noise of the market in order to systematically make smart decisions about your money

Whereas a number of investment professionals work hard to make what they do extremely confusing to the lay person, we believe in dispelling a couple of myths.

These myths?

  • It is possible to select superior investments
  • It is possible to time markets

We firmly believe it is not possible to do either of these two things consistently over time without eroding your capital and exposing yourself to too much risk.

Our approach is designed to achieve two very important things:

  • Preserve the wealth you have
  • Efficiently capture the market’s returns for your investments.
No matter which direction the markets are going, we believe there are five key concepts that serve to ensure a successful investing experience
Concept one:
Dissimilar price movement diversification enhances returns

Diversify as broadly as possible to capture the whole market not just today’s strongest performing part.

Concept two:
Employ asset class investing

This leads to lower operating expenses, lower turnover resulting in lower costs and consistently maintained market segments.

Concept three:
Global diversification reduces risk

Not all economies thrive or enter recession at the same time.

Concept four:
Design portfolios that are efficient

Using Modern Portfolio Theory, maths, logic and common sense based on years’ of academic research.

Concept five:
Maintain discipline and avoid costly mistakes.

Avoid hot tips that test your emotions and lead to hopeful buying, panic selling and eventual disappointment.

We are all poorly wired for investing. Our emotions cause us to buy high and sell low. By following a rational investment strategy governed by Modern Portfolio Theory you will benefit more incrementally from selling high and buying low over a long period of time when you receive the market returns you deserve.